Friday, December 25, 2009

"Light" up your holidays! ;)

Hey beautifuls! We hope you all enjoyed your Christmas! We hope you've all been good little powder puffs and Santa put what (or who ;)) you wanted under your Christmas tree! We've had a little delay in updating because of all of the holiday chaos but we're back muhaha ;)Oh & Happy Hanukkah also! So we've been spending the last few days getting all the information ready to post up.

While doing last minute Christmas shopping, we couldn't help but notice Women who looked like they did their make-up in the "dark". I'm sure everyone has seen this at least once or twice. I'm sure they really didn't mean for it to come out that way, but make-up looks different in your bathroom mirror than it looks outside.

The best lighting you could possibly use to do your make-up is by a window or on the balcony, pretty much anywhere that daylight falls. If you REALLY wanna know what you're face will look like, do it under daylight. That way you can get all the nicks and crannies covered up then maybe your face will actually look like it belongs on your neck.

As for make-up artists: THE LIGHT GUY IS YOUR BEST FRIEND!! Make sure you find out what kind of light is being used. You may have done the hottest make-up ever but under the type of light their using it may look like crap. Depending on the light you use in the make-up room will determine the amount of imperfections which you'll be able to see. The best light to use is "White Light" (5000 kelvin). The reason it's the best to use is because it emits a full spectrum which has an equal amount of each of the three light primaries (Red, blue, green)which produces what is called "pure white light". This tube is also called Chroma 50.

And for all you night owls, don't worry about the daylight, do your makeup in the lightest-light you can find (Car lights don't count!).

This is it for now, there's a big plate of leftovers & dirty dishes waiting for us byee :)


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